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Dr. Nasir Khokhar Dr. Samea Kauser Ahmed
Member Board of Directors
Dr. Manzoor-ul-haq Qazi (CEO – Shifa International)


I am Nadeem Akhter has been living in Dubai,U.A.E,and was a member of Dubai economic Department(D.E.D).In may 2010,i came to Pakistan,and i experienced dizziness that sometimes i.e off-and-on
disturbed ordr to be treated for this dizziness coomplain i choose the best available and reputed hospital of international standard the Shifa International Hospital
Islamabad pakistan.Ther i went and recieved by Doctor Nasir Khokhar and here my story begins.
Dr Nasir khokhar after advising ultra-sound and several blood tests,which were all normal and my ailment was that sometimes i have used to suffered from the symptomsof dizziness.The doctor which i am sorry to call
him a doctor as doctors are destined to save the lives of others and his humanaterian role which has been given to them by Almighty Allah,but can you imagine
that a doctor(masiha)can be a death trader.Is it hard fo you to believe?Surely it is hard to imagine even,because one should not expect death trade from a doctor.But who is this?Let me introduce this person to yoyu
.he is Nasir Khokhar Doctor in Shifa International hospitl,and and his practice is limited to gastroenterology and his prescrption pade rea his practice is limited to gastds like this,thatoenterology.This black
sheep and a ,he is a calf in the skin of sheep,.we have visited PMDC to cheek his qulifications and what we witnessed there is really astonishing.PMDC registeration of this Doctor is as under,
PMDC Registeration no is 15163-p,
Name =Nasir uddin khokhar,
Father name=Jan Mohammad khokhar,
(Basic medical qulification) karachi University in 1972.
2-Diplomate of American board ,
(internal medicine)U.S.A,in 1982,
3-Diplomate of American board,
(Tropical medicine) In U.S.A, in 1984,
This si his qualification and his prescription pade reads much more like professor and MD(uSA),FACP(uSA),Facg(cUSA)FActm(USA),and FACiP(USA) etc.
Nothing such is rally the case as the pmdc report and rgisteration shows but in oorder to cash the opportunity as administration of shifa hospital is involev
with him and impress the people to make more and more patients by writing such fake degrees.
He has prescibed for me the following medicines with the following dosage ,brand names,farmulas and duration,read it and then do your own juistice. pharma brand name farmula dosage Duration
1-(unknown) Brozinl (Bromazepom) 3mg BD 9-months
2-(do ) selpram (escitalopram) 10mg upto 50mg/day 9-months
3-(do ) Melto-B (melatonin) 3mg OD 9-months
4-(do ) epex ( evening primrose oil)2 cap/per day 9-months
5-(do ) vitab(multivitamins) 2 cap /day 9-months
6-(do ) Zingen (multivitamins) 2 cap BD 9-months
7-(do ) Ferren globin (homeoglobin) 1 cap/day 9 -months
8-(do ) Phamaton (multivitamin) 1 cap/day 9-months
9-(do ) Walmax (unique ingredients) 1 cap/day 3-months
10-(do ) Duparid (levosulpride ) 25mg 3 tab/day 2-months
11-(do ) Ispomax 2 tsp/day 9-months
12-(do ) pantazole (pantaprazole)40mg 1 cap BD 9-months
All these medications were given at a time.and the wonder of you all let me tell you that these medicines(which i have mentioned here)
are self made,sub-standard,home-made drugs,the raw materials of which are being taken from India and China and after making paks they
used to paste the sticker of U.S.A and other countries and in this way they loots the poor people financially and jeopardizing their
lives to serious threats.

PM&DC has been approached by the doctor and high officials of Shifa International Hospital ,in order to influence it and turn its decision in their favour the proof of which is that the PM&DC has technically bypassed the law because in the findings of PM&DC it was clearly established that the doctor has been involved in criminal negligence as par PM&DC decision on 09.01.2012 that states the ,the committee examined the prescriptions and observed that the doctor was repeating the same medicine with different names in the same prescription with negligence in treating the patient and keeping on giving improper medications.

During this very hearing the PM&DC has advised The accused doctor i.e Dr Nasir Khokhar to bring alongwith you a consultant Neurophsician and PM&DC has orderd tthe FEDERAL DRUG INSPECTOR to make a visit to the pharmacy of Shifa International hospital and see the non-registerd and self-made and sporious drug only available at the pharmacy of shifa hospital.The PM&DC also asked the federal drug inspector to also see the expired medicine given to a patient with no expiry date on self-made drug with a brand name pantazol.The Federal drug inspector Doctor fakher-ud-Din Amer visited the Shifa pharmsacy and wrote a letter to PM&DC that reads the medicines were dissappeared suddenly from the pharmacy and their were different stories about this sudden disappearence.

My second hearing with PM&DC was on 09.07.2012,in which the accused dr i.e Dr nasir Khokhar ,Shafqat Ali hamdani director pharmacists Shifa International hospital,and the advocate of dr Nasir Khokhar were present.During the previous hearing the PM&DC ordered The accused doctor to bring a consultant neuro-phsician with him which he couldnot brought because he has scared to be prove guilty of drug abuse and criminal negligence.During the proceedings Dr Nasir admitted that during the treatment the patient suffered from memory loss,fits of un-known origin,balance problems,loss of sexual desires etc.

when my lawyer Mr Sayyed Qaiser Ali Gillani make the doctor confessed that the patient has suffered from these disorders due to these poor and sub-standard drugs,the PM&DC didnot make these admitted things the part of its report which is a mind-blowing negligence on the part of PM&DC the justice giving authority.

One of the member of PM&DC who is a doctor asked Dr Nasir that you have prescribed very high doses of anti-psychatric drugs to the patient and so much so that when the patient complained about his satuation why you donot bear to refer him to the concerned speciality i.e pychatrist or a neuro-physicain.

The accused doctor couldnot defand himself and said things here and there that was equal to his confession of his poor prescribing habits.

The decision of PM&DC has given its decision on 9.07.2012 that states,

“The compainant is present with the counsel.The respondent doctor was present.Both the parties were heared at leangth.The copmlain was of the strong view that his sexual dis-function was due to improper and inappropraite prescription.

as an evidence he produced a box of Pentazole tablets manufactured by Jawa company which had no batch no and manufacturing no or expiry date.This was given to the respondent doctor who failed to defend the medicine.As for the as irregularities noted in the procurment and sales of non-approved medicines at the in-house pharmacy of Shifa hospital,the complainant seems to have a strong case and this case to the extent of irregular pharmacy practices is being reffered to the drug Regulatory authority as well as the Pakistan Pharmacy Council for a categorical answer is the earlier answer was vague at best.

Regarding the complaint, Dr. Nasir Khokhar of Shifa International Hospital is seem to have been prescribing the anti-depressant anxolytc etc., along with many vitamins and a number of mediicine of the same sort. However, the committee didn’t find the prescribed medicines is direct cause of brain atrophy.

Due to his irrational prescribing practices as established in the instant case , the respondent doctor is strictly warned to adhere to good prescribing practices. The cae is hereby disposed off.
In this black trade other charecters are also involved whose names and responsibilities and photographs are as under,
1-Dr Manzoor-ul-Haq Qazi (CEO) Shifa international hospital,
2-Dr Samia kousar Ahmed (member board of directors)Shifa international hospital,
3-Shafqat ali Hamdani Director of pharmacies Shifa International Hospital
These three people are also involved with DR NASIR kHOKHAR in selling out these drugs.
In these drugs most of the medicines did not have batch no and expiry dates and look at the courage and greed of these people that
they dispense such drugs for their financial gains at the cost of human lives.
This hospital was basically made on the name of trust wher poor people will be treated in free but it has nothing to do with poor and
deserving people and its administration is involved in corruption on a large scale and the donations and funds they recieved on the name of hospital
and deposit it in their own accounts.
Why i am telling you this story,because i have been suffered and suffered deadly.I had been doing my business in Dubai and leading a very peaceful
and prosprous life but now i am a parasite and a dependable person and cannot live my independent life.
After busing these drugs for three months i met my doctor again and complained for my balance problems,fits,feeling of loss of memory and lack of
sexual desires,loss of memory etc.The doctor instead of soothing and consoling me and healing my wounds he has happened to be such a callous person with in-human temperament
that instead of soothing ang consoling my wounds he advised me to continue these medicines you will be ok soon.
In december 2010,i had gone to watch the picture in cenima with my friends and there what happened is a pathetic story.I at once felt that the scenes occouring on the silver screen is actually happening
with me ,the vehicles,i felt are just coming t0 crush me ,the rappots of the guns i felt coming to pierce my body and so on.
All at sudden i suffered from imbalance and fits.My friends noticed me and helped me manage myself and they took me to the hospital for my checkup. The physician after checking me up, referred me to a neuro-physician and I did go there. The neur-physician Dr. Aftab Awan of Shifa international hospital advised MRI brain and other blood tests. The MRI brain report established brain atrophy and brain tissues loss on 17th January 2011. To confirm these findings that I have been suffering from brain atrophy, I visited lot of neuro-physicians and psychatrists whose names and details are given below:

1. Dr. Nighat Zaka – Pshychiatrict (Ali Medial Center, Islamabad)
2. Dr. Mazah BadShah – Neuro-physician (Khyber Plaza, blue area, Islamabad)
3. Dr. Prof. Iftikhar Ahmed (Lahore)
4. Dr. Birg. Abdul Ghafar – Neuro-surgeon & HOD, CMH, Rawalpindi
5. Dr. Maj General – Saleem Jehangir

All doctors are agreed upon this point that I am suffering from there complications like lack of sexual desire, lack of balance, lack of memory, blurring of vision, brain atrophy and fits due to misusing these self made substandard drug. These were drug induced effects. These psychotic drugs were given me in very high doses. I have been suffering since I started medication of the medicine advised by Dr. Nasir Khokhar. I am also suffering from hair loss and personality damage and I am loosing my eye sight gradually day by day.

Dr. Nasir Khokhar is such a greedy and develished character that “He can sell his confirmed seat in paradise for some ready cash on earth if he finds a suitable trader for it”.

what had happend with is a past and you people have gone through it in this website and my miserable conditions are disturbing me day and night and leading me towards complete dispair and sadeness where i am thinking now that life is a burden now but before to leave this world i will do my best to set an example in order to save the lives of poor and innocent people from the hands of these satanic charecter and to put my part whatsoever in serving humanity.I have setted this site i.e this website with authenticity and responsibility and with full proofs and i will regularly update this site to give you more and more informations regarding my story.We have made this site on 25.06.2012.

heir end will be like this:1111

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  1. haroon says:

    Bohat bura kia hai app k sath dr nasir ne.aise bande ko chorna nahi chahiy

  2. Raja Azhar Khan says:

    inshallah allah ap ko jaldi seaht yab kary ga. dr ny to ap k sath to baut bura kia ha usy ma poch lo ga ap tensn na ly.

  3. Aamir says:

    Bohat bura kia hai app k sath dr nasir ne.

  4. Kalim Aslam says:

    Management of Al-Shifa Int. Hospital and the cheap doctors like Nasir Khokhar must be punished badly and their degree should be cancelled, it ‘ll be a lesson for the new once and a warning for the old one

  5. Aamir Mahruf says:

    is bande ko lazmi saza milni chaye

  6. Dr Rahim says:

    in my Practice years life is 35 years i have not seen that happening that Dr Nasir treated the patient like this case surely he done that for only is proof that he Prescribe self brained and unregistered medecien and this all medisions only available on only Shifa pharmasay PM&DC should cancelled his registration

  7. In fact no matter if someone doesn’t know then its up to other viewers that they will help, so here it occurs.

  8. farid sabri says:

    he is cyko docter.he do this for only sale our madecines.he was a big criminal and hi was punishful.

  9. fasbas says:

    I am docter Faisal galani.I do not see this in whole universe.

  10. jahangir says:

    ma khud shifa hospital ma sa ilag kerwata hu yaha ya sab ho raha ha ya dehkh ker mera is hospital sa tu etmad hi uth jia ha

  11. bilal says:

    is ku tu mafi bh nahi milni chahea

  12. john says:

    If this Dr.Nasir in our our country then he was in jail.He do any thing for money and se is substanderd Dr.Pk was checkout his all degres

  13. Farid Sabri says:

    Dr.Nasir Khokhar Is Very Bad Person

  14. Ali says:

    Kindly refer me the best neurologist in rwp or islamabad or any where.i m epilepsy patient.

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