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Today I am going to tell you story of a medical doctor to whom calling a doctor is a matter of shame for me. After reading my story you will also have the same feelings as mine. This human being is playing with the life. He has self branded medicines which are not only unregistered but also  substandard. These medicines have never been approved by any authority. The medicine is available only in their own hospital “Shifa International Hospital, Islamabad, Pakistan”. The super human being is “Prof. Dr. Nasir Khokhar”. Hospital management is fully involved into this matter and are making black money with this doctor.

My name is Nadeem Akhtar. I am still member of Economic Department of Dubai – United Arab Emirates (UAE). On 20th May, 2010 I arrived in Pakistan from Dubai.  I was patient of Chronic dizziness.   After arriving in Pakistan I consulted with Professor Doctor Nasir Khokhar,  Professor and Chairman, Department of Medicine, Director, Division  of Gastroenterology, Shifa International Hospital, Islamabad. I remained under treatment of the said Doctor for  consecutively 9 months.  I  was allotted MR NO.969052 by the Shifa International Hospital, Islamabad.  First time on 25-5-2010 I went to Doctor Nasir Khokhar, for consultation with complaint of chronic dizziness . The said advised me Ultra Sound and Blood Test ,  the laboratory report of these test was normal.  Thereafter Doctor Nasir Khokhar prescribed me the medicine with the assurance that you will become quite OK and no sign of dizziness  will remain in your body.  Likewise I visited about 11 times to Doctor Nasir Khokhar.  During the treatment I complaint the doctor that my memory is loosing , as soon as I come across to speedy things or machinery/vehicles I feel that the same would collide with me.  Moreover I also complained the doctor that my sexual power has gone lost 80%.    Inspite of referring to a medical specialist,  doctor Nasir Khokhar  increased the dosage of my medication  and  one medicine of same nature has been prescribed  twice or thrice with different names wherein two tablets per day Bromazepam  and 5 tablets per day of escitalopram  and 8 capsule vitamin per day with different names and some other medicine. Some of these medicines were of cross nature.  Moreover I was also prescribed female medicines  Melatonin  due to which my eye sight has become weak as well adversely effected upon my heart which cause decrease of my sexual power.

On December 28th 2010 while I was in foreign country and I went to see picture in the Cinema along with my friends.  While I was in the Cinema Hall I felt extreme fits and was feeling the all the things are in state of collision with me.  I become     unconscious, my colleagues immediately taken me to the Medical Specialist. After thorough check up the Medical special advised my friends that I may be taken to Neuro-Surgeon,  there is some adverse effect in my brain and there are found some symptoms of Schizophrenia  and epilepsy in my body.  I immediately contacted with Dr. Aftab Ahmed Awan Neuro Specialist in Shifa Hospital, Islamabad (Pakistan) and took  the time for consultation.  Thereafter  I came to Pakistan and on 1-1-2011  I consulted with Doctor Aftab Awan, Neurosurgeon Shifa International, Islamabad.   Before my arrival my file was ready with the said doctor. Doctor Aftab Awan  checked whole the history of my disease and medication and prescriptions of  Doctor Nasir Khokhar.  It has been observed during the check that some of the medicines prescribed by Doctor Nasir Khokhar were beyond the apprehension of Doctor Aftab Awan.  Thereafter Doctor Aftab Awan called Shifa Pharmacy and confirmed the  mode of medicines which were prescribed to me by  Doctor Nasir Khokhar.  Doctor Aftab advised me that whole the medical treatment was of wrong nature,  such disease does not come to the jurisdiction  of Nasir Khokhar.  Later Doctor Awan prescribed/advised  me three  tests i.e. MRI Brain, ENT and some blood tests, whereas ENT and Blood Tests were normal, but MRI Brain tests shown development of cerebral atrophy – a condition which causes some changes in the structure of the brain.  After the Test report I  inquired about Dr. Aftab Awan, who had already gone to U.S.A.  Thereafter I consulted with Doctor Nighat Zaka, Psychiatrist,  Ali Medical

Center F-8 Markaz, Islamabad, who pointed out that some epilepsy has been developed in your body, she also advised me that development of cerebral is not a good omen whereas it is a age factor disease which develops mostly after the age of  65 and 70, nevertheless when I firstly consulted with Dr. Nasir Khokhar I was at the age of 35 years 4 months.  Dr.Nighat Zaka further advised me that she  without taking any risk referring  to Neurosurgeon.

Thereafter I consulted with Dr. Mazhar Badshah, Neurophysician, Islamabad, who pointed out that development of cerebellar atrophy and other suck like symptoms are due to wrong medication and drug induce, he also pointed out that the Medicines EstaloPram and  Bromazepam  and other medicines prescribed to you were used in very high dosage more than that it requirements.  I could not get any relief from Dr. Mazhar, thereafter I consultant with Professor Doctor Iftikhar Ahmed, prominent physician of Punjab, who pointed out  that whatever the problems faced by you that is due to post drug effect. I remained under is medical treatment for about constant 4 month and  I have got sufficient  relief from his cure.

I am resident of Islamabad and during long journey I was feeling that  whatever is coming to my face is going to collide with me, therefore, I consulted with Dr. Abdul Ghaffar Neurosurgeon Head of Department Neurosurgery, CMH, Rawalpindi..  Presently I am under the medical treatment of Dr. Abdul Ghaffar.

It will not be out of place to mention here that whatever extreme mental, sexual. Fits  and physical  lacking development in my body is due to the wrong medication of Doctor Nasir Khokhar, who damaged my life career physically, mentally  and financially.   I also filed a case against Doctor Nasir Khokhar and Chairman Shifa International Hospital, Islamabad before the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council, who fixed the disciplinary inquiry  in the month of January, 2012 wherein I along with my Advocate and witnesses appeared before the said inquiry proceedings, and Doctor Nasir Khokhar also appeared before the said inquiry proceedings.  I have  also produced/adduced  particularly  all the prescriptions and original medicines prescribed to me by Doctor Nasir Khokhar.   On the examination of such prescriptions and medicines  by the Inquiry Board and shown its extreme resentments, the inquiry board also declare that  medicines prescribed by Doctor Nasir Khokhar are  unregistered and self brand medicines, which are only available in the Shifa Hospital Pharmacy, Islamabad and are not available in the market.

The Board after its findings written a letter to the Drug Controller to check the pharmacy of Shifa International Hospital as they are dispensing drugs which are imported and not manufactured or licenses in Pakistan and these medicines are also not approved by FDA.  The Board also given its findings that the Committee examined the prescriptions and observed that the Foctor was repeating the same medicine with different names in the same prescription, negligent in treating the patient and kept on given improper medication.  Therefore, the Board arrive at a final conclusion  and decided that the neuro physician may be summoned to be present on the next meeting.

It is pertinent to mention here that  such type of  Doctors and physicians  who provides unregistered  and self brand sub-standard medicines to the patients,  whether  they  impart such type of education/lesion to his students  and trainees which not only  caused to play with the lives of patients but also prevails bad and adverse effects on their education.  In such like of criminal acts the management of the  Shifa International Hospital Islamabad is also involved with the un-human, immoral and un-ethic designs of Doctor Nasir Khokhar. In this way the innocent, poor and helpless patients and general public is being looted through the  illegal and malicious designs of  such doctors like Doctor Nasir Khokhar.

For registration of an FIR against Doctor Nasir Khokhar, and Management of the Shifa International Hospital a Writ petition has already been filed before the Honourable Islamabad High Court Islamabad.

Kindly pray for recovery of my health as my Cerebellar, brain atrophy is increasing day by day. Please spread and publish my above message in all over the country and general public.  Whatever I have narrated above is launching / introducing   on Website.

Thanking you with best regards.

Islamabad, Pakistan

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  1. haroon says:

    Bohat bura kia hai app k sath dr nasir ne.aise bande ko chorna nahi chahiy

  2. Raja Azhar Khan says:

    inshallah allah ap ko jaldi seaht yab kary ga. dr ny to ap k sath to baut bura kia ha usy ma poch lo ga ap tensn na ly.

  3. Aamir says:

    Bohat bura kia hai app k sath dr nasir ne.

  4. Kalim Aslam says:

    Management of Al-Shifa Int. Hospital and the cheap doctors like Nasir Khokhar must be punished badly and their degree should be cancelled, it ‘ll be a lesson for the new once and a warning for the old one

  5. Aamir Mahruf says:

    is bande ko lazmi saza milni chaye

  6. Dr Rahim says:

    in my Practice years life is 35 years i have not seen that happening that Dr Nasir treated the patient like enemy.in this case surely he done that for only money.it is proof that he Prescribe self brained and unregistered medecien and this all medisions only available on only Shifa pharmasay PM&DC should cancelled his registration

  7. In fact no matter if someone doesn’t know then its up to other viewers that they will help, so here it occurs.

  8. farid sabri says:

    he is cyko docter.he do this for only sale our madecines.he was a big criminal and hi was punishful.

  9. fasbas says:

    I am docter Faisal galani.I do not see this in whole universe.

  10. jahangir says:

    ma khud shifa hospital ma sa ilag kerwata hu yaha ya sab ho raha ha ya dehkh ker mera is hospital sa tu etmad hi uth jia ha

  11. bilal says:

    is ku tu mafi bh nahi milni chahea

  12. john says:

    If this Dr.Nasir in our our country then he was in jail.He do any thing for money and se is substanderd Dr.Pk was checkout his all degres

  13. Farid Sabri says:

    Dr.Nasir Khokhar Is Very Bad Person

  14. Ali says:

    Kindly refer me the best neurologist in rwp or islamabad or any where.i m epilepsy patient.

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